We’re not your typical coaches. In fact, we rarely call ourselves coaches at all. We are the perfect hybrid between certified coach, experienced marketing consultant, senior mentor and skilled trainer. Therefore, we consider ourselves Rainmaker Specialists (focusing on client and customer acquisition) and C-level Executive Mentors (focusing on performance and relationship issues).

We didn’t get into “coaching” because we couldn’t “cut-it” in the business world. We got into “coaching” to take full advantage of our strengths, experience and interests … not to mention owning our own business.

What Makes Us Different

Quite simply our backgrounds, experience and the results our clients get. We have really solid pedigrees, worked with big-name clients and gotten amazing results. We know business. We know how to market them, market to them and convert them into clients.

First, take a look at our each of our bios. We did not get into coaching because we couldn’t cut it “in the real world” and weren’t successful in business ourselves. We got into coaching because we wanted to make a real difference in people lives… and livelihoods.

Scott went to Duke University and then onto Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business where he received his MBA. Pam went to Ithaca College and majored in Communications.

Both Pam and Scott worked on Madison Avenue in NYC at major advertising agencies; helping big-time companies and their executives. We led and directed multi-million dollar accounts and business, and want to bring the knowledge, experience and learning to small-to-medium sized businesses. What other coaches have this type of quality backgrounds as foundations to help you?

What also makes us different is that we are gender-intelligence experts, and partners with John Gray; NY Times best-selling author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, Why Mars & Venus Collide and Mars Venus in the Workplace. As a result we can help business owners and executives another way; by teaching them to understand how men and women wish to be marketed to, sold to, communicated with and led differently.

Relationships are at the heart of every business…whether they are between you and your customers/clients, you and your staff, you and your partners, you and your executive team and even between you and your business itself. We take this gender aspect into account as we coach you to success. Who else does this?

If you’re looking for business coaching, executive coaching, marketing coaching, sales coaching, team-building or DISC assessments, DISC training, gender-intelligence sales training, gender-intelligence leadership training, and gender-intelligence customer training, contact us now and let’s get started. We’ll help you regain the focus, clarity and follow-through necessary to succeed.


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